With the ever increasing landfill costs it makes sense commercially and financially to recycle whenever possible.

Australian Paper Recovery is proud to be providing commercially successful and effective waste paper, cardboard and plastic recycling solutions on a large scale to make an impact.

We provide multiple solutions for the collection of your waste paper, cardboard and plastic.

Due to the fact that identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the world and ever tightening legislation for businesses relating to the disposal of private and confidential data – it has become a necessity for all government departments, businesses, organisations and even households to review how they dispose of their confidential data. We have our own dedicated shredding truck that comes to you. APR Onsite is one of only a few companies in Australia that is able to guarantee the security of your information – by securely shredding documentation at your site, APR Onsite is completely eliminating the risk of any of your confidential information falling into the wrong hands. See the huge benefits and key points of difference with APR Onsite on-site document shredding system.